Polydioxanone (PDO) Lifting Threads

  • Brow Lift: Finally, we have a fast and affordable way to create designer eyebrows.  Using a combination of smooth and micro lifting threads, we are able to lift sagging skin above and around the eyes, as well as lift and shape the brow itself.  If you are complaining of not having enough upper eyelid to apply makeup, then this is the treatment for you.

  • Jawline Tightening: Men and women equally seek this treatment.  For men, they want to restore the strong, masculine jawline of youth. Women know that a sharp jawline in conjunction with prominent cheek bones create the most beautiful feminine facial contours.

  • Non-surgical Facelift: Also known as the lunch time face lift or the micro face lift.  Almost any area of the face and neck can be treated to lift and tighten saggy skin and wrinkles.  The sagging jowls and the prominent lines around the mouth are common areas to be treated.  The results last for up to 36 months.  Depending on skin type and condition, multiple treatments may be required to achieve the results desired. 


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